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Pattern MRZ-H

Pattern MRZ-H

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Architectural wall panelling in, random dot and dash pattern, made from mixed spices of walnut wood strips, random lengths and thicknesses. Each peace is bevelled, sanded and glued to the plywood base using water-resistant D3 PVA adhesive, suitable for interior areas, including where there is frequent, short term exposure to moisture and high humidity. Finished with, high quality, durable, hard wax oil.


  • Columns:  67 mm wide, random lengths and thicknesses (4-8mm)
  • Divider: Sun bleached walnut sapwood 
  • Tile dimensions:  268 x 530 mm
  • Material: solid walnut 
  • Element density: 250 per square meter. 
  • Finish: hard wax oil (matt)
  • Base: 12mm birch plywood 
  • Can be hand or machine cut
  • LEAD TIMES:  3 to 6 weeks depending on quantity ordered


  • These tiles can be manufactured from wood species and colours of your choice.
  • These tiles can be made suitable for bathroom applications on zones 2 and 3. In this case a D4 PVA adhesive will be used, which is water and boil proof. In addition substrate plywood is fully sealed and assembled tiles are finished with 3 coats of durable hard wax oil . 
  • two patterns to choose from, randomly distributed and centre clustered. 


↑ Pattern MRZ-H - in WALNUT

↑ Pattern MRZ-WC - in WALNUT

↑ Pattern MRZ-OK - in OAK


↑ Pattern MRZ-OK-C - in OAK

Digital renderings 

Handmade in the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, England.


DELIVERY: We delivery to most countries, please contact us for an accurate quote or check out our Delivery Policy.

These tiles can be manufactured from wood species and colours of your choice.

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